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PushPhone GSM and fall alarm.

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Product Description


The PushPhone Plus is a Cellular Telephone with 3 buttons, the largest of which will contact 3 nominated persons until it gets an answer.

It operates Handsfree.

**** requires sim card top up of €5 every 3 months.

It incorporate’s a fall alarm and GPS tracker.

Press the SOS button and keep it pressed for 3 seconds until the device vibrates and gives an audio feedback. An SOS alarm by text message is sent with “Help Me!” including the GPRS position.

It will dial each programmed number in sequence until it gets an answer.
This process is continued until one of the stored numbers accepts the call.
If a connection has been established with phone number 1, phone numbers 2 and 3 are informed that 1 has accepted the call with a message: “Number 1 answered”.

To end the call, press the End button (red headset). Nominated persons should switch off their mailbox for this function to work smoothly.

A simple fall can have devastating consequences. With this function, the fall sensor is activated in the event of an impact and the nominated numbers are called, without the user having to press the SOS button. The Pushphone emits 10 signal tones (acoustic signals) at 2 second intervals. If the process is not interrupted, the “SOS alarm” is executed automatically.

3 different contact numbers can be programmed to automatically dial when either the red button, answer button or hang-up button are pressed for 3 seconds.