Picomatic DA460 Electronic door motor.

Picomatic DA460 Electronic Door Operator.

Product Description

The Picomatic DA460 is an electromechanical swing door operator and it is suitable for a wide variety of applications, thanks to its comprehensive programming options.

The door operator includes a free swing function. When using the door manually it operates lightly without resistance and the door can be left in the open position.

The Picomatic DA460 operator may be installed as a Low Energy door opener without the need for additional safety sensors.

The Picomatic DA460 complies with the requirements of “EN 16005 – Power operated pedestrian doorsets – Safety in use” when safety sensors are fitted.

The Picomatic DA460 can be installed with DA147 standard arm on the closing side, or with DA149 sliding arm on opening or closing side.


Standard Push Arm DA147









Standard Sliding Arm DA149



  • Safety sensor complying with EN 16005.
  • Narrow design
  • “Push & go” function as standard option
  • Programmable “free swing function” as standard option
  • Fire detector assembly option
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • Two impulse inputs, normal and delayed impulse, for double door installation
  • Power supply 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Operating temperature: -15…+50°C