Intercall Touch

Stylish and simple to install, with industry standard connectivity via TCP/IP, the Touch Series is a modern nurse call system offering easy communication and management of patient care.

Product Description

Key Components:

Touch DisplayTouch Display.

Ideally installed on a desk or wall mounted, the Touch Display is the primary nurse call system staff interaction point. It helps nursing staff with monitoring while notifying them of calls and alerts on the system, allowing them to decide the most appropriate response.

  • Full colour touch screen with simple to use layout.
  • Built in RFID for staff identification.
  • TCP/IP connection allows staff to be contacted across the system.
  • On-board data logging can track staff performance.


Touch Display PlusTouch Display Plus.

The Touch Display Plus has all the functionality of the Touch Display, with the addition of a full duplex VoIP speech device.

  • Full colour touch screen with simple to use layout.
  • Built in RFID for staff identification.
  • Handset allows callers to be spoken to with privacy.
  • On-board data logging can track staff performance.


Call Point PlusCall Point Plus.

The Call Point Plus is a full duplex VoIP speech device, allowing staff, patients and residents to speak with each other through its intercom system, offering the instant reassurance of human interaction.

  • Multiple call levels including staff presence.
  • Built in LED display and reassurance light.
  • VoIP allows staff and patients to speak to each other.
  • Can be paired with the Touch Wrist Transmitter.

Call Point BasicCall Point Basic.

The Call Point Basic is the entry-level call point with multiple levels of call. Its sleek, wall mounted design is simple to use.

  • Multiple call levels including staff presence.
  • Built in reassurance light.
  • Code Blue emergency option.
  • Can be tethered to pear leads, pull cords or pressure mats.


Call Point StandardCall Point Standard.

Unlike the Call Point Basic, the Call Point Standard uses RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to identify and track staff and it can be paired with the Wristband Transmitter.

  • RFID enables staff tracking and identification.
  • Multiple call levels including staff presence.
  • Built in LED display and reassurance light.
  • Can be tethered to pear leads, pull cords or pressure mats.


Access PointAccess Point.

The Access Point is a simple, cost effective, wireless ID security system. Using Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), the Access Control Point allows hospitals and care facilities to control access to sensitive and restricted areas.

  • Multiple programmable access levels.
  • ID cards can be programmed with individual staff identities.
  • Can be printed with your facilities logo.
  • Integrates with existing technology on site.


Overdoor LightLED Overdoor Light.

The Touch Series Overdoor Lights provide an instant visual aid to nursing staff for alerts and calls from patient rooms. Located outside patient rooms and along corridors, the Overdoor Light provides a clear visual status of an alert as well as improving awareness of the alert.

  • Multi-colour, high intensity LED’s indicate call status.
  • Can be paired to multiple call points to indicate highest active call.
  • Programmable light call patterns.
  • Sleek design helps it blend into corridor when not in use.


Touch Ceiling Pull cordCeiling Pull Cord.

The Ceiling Pull Cord is ideal for hospitals, care homes and assisted living residences. The pull cord is paired to a central call point, providing the call address and reset function.

  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Reassurance LED informs patients help is on the way.
  • Anti-ligature breakaway cord for enhanced safety.
  • Adjustable cord length and two easy to grip hand pulls included.


Touch Pear LeadPear Lead.

The Pear Lead is a simple, individual call device for use in care facilities for less mobile patients.

  • Connects to the call point allowing staff to see precise location of the call.
  • Water resistant IP44 rated and manufactured from hospital grade material, it’s ideal for cleaning.
  • Built in reassurance LED and clip for fastening to bedsheets or clothing.
  • Easy to grip and use for more frailer patients.


Touch Wristband TransmitterWristband Transmitter.

The Wristband Transmitter is a stylish portable call device that’s ideal for both care home residents and assisted living inhabitants. Its lightweight, comfortable design allows users to get on with their day-to-day lives safe in the knowledge that help is close at hand.

  • Long lasting battery life.
  • IP44 water resistance allows it to be used outdoors.
  • Sensisitve silicone wristband prevents irritation.
  • Provides reassurance that help is only a button press away.


Touch Corridor DisplayCorridor Display.

The Corridor Display is an advanced information call system that is ideal for hospitals or large care facilities. The metre wide information panel can be wall or ceiling mounted in corridors to provide a quick, clear call indicator to busy nursing staff.

  • Large, easy to read characters can be seen from at least 10m away.
  • Programmable sounds to identify call levels.
  • Individually programmed allowing staff to adapt the alerts to support internal procedures.
  • Multi-colour display can highlight important emergency calls.