Keo Transmitter

Keo Transmitter.

Keo is a black & white touch screen, and or switch scanning, Infra-red transmitter.

It has a ruggedized casing which protects it from falls.


Product Description

Keo tranmitter


KEO is an infra-red transmitter which can copy/learn IR signals from the majority of Home Entertainment and Environmental Control Systems.


KEO can pair with Bluetooth Smart devices such as GSM Telephones. Keo can control all the functions of the telephone.


                                             KEO OPERATION.

Direct access touch screen.

KEO can be operated by directly pressing the icons on the mono touch screen. Keo is also supplied with a variety of finger guides as standard.

Switch Access.

Keo can be operated by most, if not all switches on the market.
The switch(s) can be connected directly to Keo (wired switch), single and or dual, or by using the radio transmitter (7T604). The transmitter pairs to Keo and the switches are connected to the 7T604. Ideal when using the Keo in bed. No trailing wires.

– Wheelchair Joystick. 

Keo can interface with most wheelchair drive systems. This allows the user to control Keo with the wheelchair joystick.

– Computer Access.

Keo can control a PC directly from its touch screen or using the joystick of a wheelchair. Perfectly suited with WIVIK on screen keyboard software.