Dialog X3 Pro AAC with GRID 3

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Dialog X3 Pro with GRID 3 software.

Product Description



The 13.0” Dialog X3 Pro Communicator is an Electromedical Device designed to compensate for deficits or deficiencies in verbal language.

The system includes GRID 3 software.

It helps the user to communicate effectively.

High-performance, lightweight, manageable and customizable with software based on the users choice of access method and cognitive level.

Intended use

It is suitable for people who have moderate movement disorders and or for users with more impaired neuromotor skills, or weak residual movements for example patients with ALS, SMA, tetraparesis and severe upper limb difficulties.

DIALOG X3 Pro has been designed to compensate for worsening eye movement caused by diseases such as ALS and uses a resolution of 1920 x768 pixels that allows the user to reach the entire visual area effortlessly.

Thanks to compensation for head movements, the Dialog X3 Pro offers high margins of stability, making it ideal for persons suffering from severe dystonia.


Thanks to the handle, which characterizes its shape, the communicator is easy to carry.

Dialog X3.Pro was created with the aim of being able to be mounted easily by means of special stands.
It has no parts with edges and has no screws for visible disassembly. (Fundamental characteristics for the CEI EN 60601-1-11 standard).

Easy Transportation

Dialog X3 Pro is a transportable  thanks to its low weight (1.7 kg complete with eye tracking) and  its internal battery.

Deye Eye Tracking (Optional)

The new Deye is binocular eye tracking that tracks the movement of both eyes and allows people with extremely low residual motor skills to translate their eye movement into mouse movement.

The Deye is one of the few eyetracking systems to use both eye-detection technologies: Dark and Bright.


Touch screen

The screen of the Dialog X3 Pro uses capacitive touch screen technology, as used in the latest generation of smartphones.


Eye tracking

The Dialog X3 Pro System uses the brand new ocular pointing system produced by Dialog Ausili S.r.l. with additional hardware improvements and conformed to CEI EN 60601-1-1 and CEI EN 60601-1-2 standards.


It is possible to use the communication software with external switches. In fact, the Dialog X3 Pro communicator includes  5  x 3.5mm inputs.


Specific software that allows proximal communication. The Dialog X3 Pro is a high-performance communication device equipped with a software bundle, including alphabetic communication, all of which can be customized at a high level. They can create countless pages containing cells with personalized phrases, for easier and faster communication, even for older patients or patients unfamiliar with technology.

Symbolic communication

Symbolic communication by creating grids containing images which, when selected, speaks the preset voice command. Dialog X3 Pro is also equipped with dedicated software for Augmentative and Alternative Communication called “Dialog AAC”. The software, developed by Dialog Ausili S.R.L., is ideal in cases of cognitive impairment and is simple and intuitive.

Environmental control software

The Dialog X3 Pro can interface to any environmental control system with a new Dialog Wi-Fi communication system on Web Server environmental control devices.

Total control software for Windows

it is possible to  control all the functions of the Windows operating system.

Head Movement control

The Dialog X3 Pro system was developed to manage all stages of a neurodegenerative disease, such as ALS. Being characterized, in the initial phase, by residual motor movements.. It is possible, through this software to use the integrated camera, to translate the movements of the head into mouse movements.
The system can be equipped with additional software.

Remote management software

Remote access to control, alter or customise the users device without visiting the premises is possible.


Display 13” TFT 1920×1080 (WUXGA) Wide Screen;

• Switch integrated 5 input (management of access to the communicator through all sensors already in market: eg. Buttons, leaf, microlight, etc;
• Interchangeable shield;
• Enhanced Audio;
• High Ergonomics;
• Low weight 1,7kg despite the 13” display and the integrated battery;
• Powerful processor (Dual Core I3 – 2,3Ghz Intel);
• 3 USB 3.0 – video output – ethernet 10/100 – mic in – audio out
• Integrated home automation module;
• Module 3G optional;
• Web Cam integrated 1,3MPixel;
• Ram DDR4 8GB 1633mHz;
• SSD 250GB
o optional: SSD secondary of 250 GB
• Bluetooth 3.0 – Wi-fi – Umts card (optional);
• Battery 6 cells 8000mA;
• Vesa standard attack 10cm x 10cm;
• Ergonomic handle attachment with quick release
• As per price list, not included the eye tracking