Deye Eyegaze Camera

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DEYE Eye gaze camera.

Product Description


The brand new Deye is a binocular eyetracking camera, which is an ocular pointing system that tracks the movement of both eyes. Thanks to Deye, people with extremely reduced residual motor skills will be able to translate eye movement into normal mouse movement.


Eyetracking is considered as the last form of accessibility to any computer.


It consists of an automatic selection after a pre-determined time, which can be customised, while fixing on an icon.


The user selects the icon that is fixed through a slow closing of the eyelids, this is equivalent to the double click of the mouse.

The Eyetracking Dialog has been made with the best pupil tracking technologiesboth hardware and software. The Deye is one of the few eyetracking to use both Dark and Bright eye-detection technologies. In addition, the revolutionary tracker, thanks to an indicator, facilitates its correct positioning.


After performing good positioning, calibrate the user and the software. 9 point calibration is used.

Involuntary movements of the head

The algorithm of the Pointing System has been designed to tolerate the involuntary movements of the head.


The Deye can be setu so that it can work in different ways, depending on the eye characteristics or problems of the customer. It is possible to set the eyetracker in binocular mode when there are no eye problems. When an eye has physical problems we can set the Deye to work in the following ways: Mono eyepiece Right, Mono eyepiece Left or Right with reinforcement of the Left or vice versa.


The Deye was made with both Dark and Bright pupil detection technologies. With the phenomenon called Bright Pupil the eye acts as a retro-reflector, the pupil then looks like a bright white circle. With the Dark Pupil phenomenon, the pupil appears dark because the retro-reflection of the retina is direct, away from the chamber. The advantage is to make the pupil darker than under normal light conditions.


The tracking algorithm not only has a broad tolerance to head movements but also benefits by vectorizing the movement of the head and adding it to the eye movement. This process is possible thanks to three different algorithms that work simultaneously. The first algorithm tracks the position of the face, the second the position of the eye part, the third tracks the eye movement.

    • Tracking technologies: Dark Pupil – Bright Pupil
    • Rooms: n°2
    • Accuracy: not more than 0.4 and proximal at 0.3.
    • Spatial resolution: proximal to 0.25 and not more than 0.5 cm.
    • Head motion tolerance: more than 15%
    • Frequency: 40Hz to 200Hz
    • Operating distance: from 40cm to 80cm (recommended) : from 40cm to 1mt detection